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Your Window Options are Virtually Endless with Sunrise

At Sunrise, we custom-manufacture every window to fit each home. But the custom styling doesn’t stop there. With Sunrise, having the window that reflects your lifestyle and look is simple because of the variety of optional features available. Please take a look at the list of options below to find the options that fit you.

The Best Low-E Glass Available

Sunrise Windows’ soft-coat Low-E not only out-performs hard-coat Low-E glass, but most soft-coat Low-E glass as well. It has set an industry standard for being the clearest Low-E glass on the market toay. All this while reducing UV light which fades fine fabrics, draperies, and fine art.

All windows ordered with our soft-coat Low-E are filled with Argon gas as standard. Argon is a very heavy and dense gas, which acts like an amplifier to boost the performance of our soft-coat Low-E glas by 20%. Normal air between the panes of glass tends to circulate from hot to cold by rapid movement. The density of Argon gas move much slower, thereby reducing the heat of summer or cold of winter transferring over to the inside pane of the glass. Sunrise uses Argon gas in both our soft-coat Low-E glass and our Ultra-U+Plus Glass option.

Our Exclusive Ultra-U+Plus Glass: The “Best Bang for Your Buck”

ultraucoatings175hIf you’re looking for the best value – the insulating glass package with the quickest return on your investment – you’ll like our very own Ultra-U+Plus Glass. We’ve taken the power of Low-E technology and nearly doubled it by using 8 layers of coatings paired with argon gas. Ultra-U+Plus Glass insulates better than hard- and soft-coat Low-E glass, double-layered, or even triple-paned products.

By reflecting the heat your furnace produces during the winter back into your home, allowing you to save money on heating costs; and in the summer, the sun’s rays are reflected back to the outside so your house remains cooler. That’s why we call it our “2-way heat reflector” – you’re saving money all year! It won’t take long for your windows to pay for themselves when you choose Ultra-U+Plus Glass.

The UltraPlus 12 Insulated Glass: Our Twelve Layers Make the Difference

Ultra12Sunrise Windows introduces our exclusive UltraPlus 12™ Glass System that will save you more money and achieve higher performance levels than other types of Low-E Glass windows on the market today. UltraPlus 12™ reflects the heat from your furnace back into your home in the wintertime, blocks out the heat from the sun in the summertime, and filters out damaging Ultraviolet Rays that cause fading of furniture, carpet and wall coverings.

The secret? Our exclusive 12 layer coating structure makes the difference. Competitive window brands utilize either single layer or double layer Low-E coating structures, but Sunrise UltraPlus 12™ High Performance Glass System incorporates twelve layers of heat reflective metallic shields sputtered into the window glass. These extra energy savings layers are what combine to make to make UltraPlus 12™ the product that will keep your home warmer in the wintertime and cooler in the summertime.

 Window Type  Glass Package  U-Factor  SHGC
 Double Hung  UltraPlus 12   0.28   0.21


Tempered Safety Glass: For Your Peace of Mind

Your home is the one place you and your family should feel safe, warm, and secure. As a homeowner, safety and security are your top priorities. You need a window that is not only resistant to shattering, but a deterrent to intruders. Sunrise tempered glass is stronger than regular window glass – at least four times stronger.  It can withstand up to 24,000 pounds per square inch.  A window this strong can protect you and your loved ones from the unexpected punishment of violent weather, accidents, and unwanted intruders that occur every day across the country and in your neighborhood.

SolarClean™ Self-Cleaning Glass

scleanSolarClean™ Self-Cleaning Glass is a permanent layer that is part of the outer glass surface. After installation, the sun’s ultraviolet rays break down dirt and debris on the glass, which rain will then wash away. Best of all there’s no spotting or streaking, and it’s powered by nature.


Simulated Divided Lites

SDL_cutawayIt’s the perfect blend of architecturally distinct divided lites and the efficiency of today’s insulating glass… Simulated Divided Lites keep classic homes in character. You can have all the advantages of premium-performing windows with thermally-efficient insulating glass, plus the timeless beauty of grids on both the interior and exterior of the panes. Spacer bars between the glass add to the authenticity.

Divide & Conquer: Using Grids to Frame Your View

There’s just something elegant about a window with grids (also called grilles or muntins). It’s that extra detail that sets them apart from a blank window. And Sunrise offers you 4 distinct styles of grids for you to choose.

Standard Colonial
Georgian Colonial (available in solid colors or 2-tone colors with matching interiors/exteriors)
Standard Diamond
Brass Pencil Colonial

V-Groove Glass: Envision the Difference

One special window or your entire home can be enhanced with the elegance of custom grooved glass. This special design treatment is heralded by architects and interior decorators alike for its distinctive charm. Custom grooved glass is available in insulated windows and patio doors. Pick the style that matches your décor. Custom grooved glass is available in several styles with 3 distinct groove effects to suit your taste. (More styles available than what is shown below.)

Colonial V-Groove
Single Prairie
Double Prairie
Florentine V-Groove
V-Groove Effects

Beveled Leaded Glass: The Art of Light

Add an elegant statement to your home by including one of our beautiful, handcrafted insulated leaded glass designs. From contemporary to traditional, these wonderfully arranged patterns will add color, value, and architectural detail to your home. Select from 12 distinct designs, 10 vibrant glass colors, and 4 different caming colors to create your own work of art. Click here for more information.

SunBlinds & SunShades: A Convenience Every Homeowner Should Have

sunblinds_full Replace your windows and patio doors with Sunrise and enjoy the benefits of SunBlinds or SunShades. SunBlinds – mini-blinds actually sealed between the panes of glass – and Sunshades – pleated fabric shades between the panes of glass – are a homeowner’s dream come true. Imagine – no more dusting or cleaning blinds or shades and, since they are sealed inside the insulating glass system, they cannot be damaged! SunBlinds and SunShades are available in casements, picture windows, bay windows, bow windows and sliding patio doors. Tilt-Only SunBlinds are also available in double and single hungs, sliders, tilt-in sliders, and end vents. Click here for more information.


OptiView Screen
The OptiView Advantage! You have to see it to believe it. A new insect screen that makes the difference clear!

  • Clearer View.
  • Better Airflow.
  • OptiView is available as an option on all Sunrise Windows and Sliding Doors.


Vinyl Colors & Woodgrains: Mix & Match for the Perfect Coordination

Your search for a window with a true Painter’s White (instead of the common blue-white or grayish vinyl windows) is over. And we have more colors available – 4 other exterior colors and 5 other interior colors, including 4 woodgrains. These colors and woodgrains can be paired together for a total of 18 color combinations!