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Window installation is a complex process that should be left to a professional in Lake Norman, NC.

window installation, Lake Norman, NCWindow Installation in Lake Norman – Windows serve many purposes in both residential and commercial buildings. They provide views of the world outside, a place where fresh air and sunlight can come in, and create visual appeal that you can see from the outside. But poorly installed or outdated windows can lead to many different problems. Old windows aren’t as efficient as the newer options, leading to increased utility bills each month and drafty, uncomfortable living areas. When windows aren’t installed correctly, you could face mold growth and rot that spreads very quickly. You may also struggle with poor energy efficiency and drafty areas, similar to the problems that come with old windows.

Window installation is a complex process that should be left to a professional. It requires careful precision to make sure that the frame is completely sealed, which will keep the heated and cooled air from your HVAC system inside the building where it belongs. It also helps to keep air outside. At G&S Contracting, we have experienced and knowledgeable technicians who provide window installation for our customers in Lake Norman, North Carolina and many of the surrounding cities.

How to Prepare for Professional Window Installation

Having new windows installed can be exciting! Here are just a few ways to prepare for installation day so the process is a breeze:

  • Select all the features you want to go with your windows beforehand, including new window treatments, awnings, and shutters.
  • Plan to be at home when our contractors arrive, so you can give them any special instructions before they get to work.
  • Please do not feel like you have to stay home during the entire installation, especially if you do not want to deal with the noise.
  • Inform yourself about the proper way to care for new windows, and plan to clean them regularly so they sparkle and shine.

With 40 years of experience in the window installation and construction industry, we are here to provide the help you need. We will make sure to get the job done right, leading to an increase in the value of your property and improved energy efficiency. Window installation is also available for customers who have broken or damaged windows. Contact us to find out more about the window installation process.

At G&S Contracting, Inc., we offer window installation services in Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Mooresville, and Lake Norman, North Carolina.