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If your gutters have seen better days, we can replace them in Lake Norman, NC and introduce you to innovative solutions, such as no clog gutters.

GuttersGutters in Lake Norman – Throughout the course of one year, the Lake Norman, North Carolina area receives an average of 46 inches of rain. If undirected, this rain can cause all kinds of problems on your property. Fortunately, at G&S Contracting Inc., we can help you avoid these issues with professionally installed gutters and downspouts.

Some of the dangers of not having gutters on your home include foundation damage, wood rot, and a wet basement or crawlspace. This extra moisture can also lead to mold issues and insect infestations. Not only are these problems a pain to deal with, but they can also be expensive to manage.

We encourage you to keep in mind that damaged or clogged gutters are almost just as bad as having no gutters on your property at all. To ensure that your property stays in good shape, you should inspect your gutters regularly to make sure that they are functioning properly. You should also take time to clean them consistently and ensure that they are free from leaves, seed pods, dirt, and other debris. However, if your gutters have seen better days, we can replace them and introduce you to innovative solutions, such as no clog gutters.

How Do Gutters Work?

Gutters and downspouts work together to keep water from damaging your home’s siding, foundation, and roof. When it rains, water gathers in your gutters and travels down from the top of your home through your downspout system. From here, it is directed into a rain barrel or away from the foundation of your home. If your gutters are clogged, rainwater will have trouble flowing through your gutters and into your downspouts, which can result in water gathering up on top of your roof where it can cause damage. For best results, make gutter cleaning a priority and ensure your gutters are properly functioning at all times.

For 40 years, we have been providing high quality gutter solutions and workmanship in North Carolina. From start to finish, we’ll make sure that our services exceed your expectations. Give us a call at G&S Contracting, Inc. today to find out more about our solutions and what we can do for you.

At G&S Contracting, Inc., we install gutters in Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Mooresville, and Lake Norman, North Carolina.


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