Screen Rooms

Screen Rooms vs. Sunrooms

Screen RoomsScreen Rooms in North Carolina – A cost-effective way of increasing your home’s value and enhancing your outdoor experience is to add a screen room. What are screen rooms? They are enclosures similar to sunrooms, but instead of glass panel windows, they have screen meshing, which is more affordable:

Although a windowed sunroom provides better protection against the elements, this is not the main reason for having a screen room. Often, lovely summer days are limited in some areas, but when the sun does shine, people like sitting outdoors on their decks or patios, enjoying gentle breezes and letting the sun’s warmth rejuvenate their bodies.

The biggest problem associated with being outdoors when the weather is good is that bugs can spoil everything. The perfect solution is a screen room. You can still sit outside and appreciate everything that Mother Nature offers without being bothered by pesky mosquitoes and wasps. Sure, sitting in a sunroom is great, but you don’t really get that ‘outdoorsy’ feeling. With screen rooms, you do!

Adding a screen room is a home improvement project that allows you to increase the value of your property. Some projects have a lower ROI (return on investment) than others, but adding a screen room gives a good ROI, and it’s also one of the most cost-effective projects.

Maintenance of screen rooms is minimal, and they can be winterized in no time at all. Moreover, repairs are usually simple. Because they are such affordable additions, many homeowners use them to enclose their entire backyards, porches, decks, patios or any other living spaces to maximize property and entertainment value.

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