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Ways to Cozy Up Porch Enclosures for the Cold Months Ahead

porch enclosurePorch Enclosures in North Carolina – Porch enclosures allow homeowners to use these spaces all year round. However, despite the additional protection, it can still be chilly and drafty when the cooler weather starts looming. The good news is, you don’t have let winter prevent you from enjoying your porch.

Below are some great ideas to cozy your porch enclosure up:

  • Seal It! If your porch is screened, cover the screens temporarily with clear plastic vinyl. You can either have the covers custom designed or you can buy the materials and make your own. Either way, you’ll need to accurately measure all the screen panels. Also, it’s important to use a system that lets you open or roll up the vinyl panels when you need fresh air; otherwise, screened porch enclosures can get stuffy and too hot.
  • Install Thermal Blinds or Shades on the Windows. Energy-efficient window treatments can block a significant amount of air from entering. Thermal blinds or shades will keep the air inside your porch warm and provide insulation against cold drafts.
  • Cover Seats with Extra Pillows and Throws. Have plenty of warm throws on hand to snuggle under while using your porch enclosure. Drape a throw over the armrest or back of all chairs, and each chaise lounge, love seat or sofa should have 2 or 3. Choose colors that either contrast or complement the furniture.
  • Cover Wood or Tile Floors with Area Rugs. These will help make bare floors in porch enclosures warmer. Thick, braided rugs are a good choice because they are very durable. Another idea is to use peel-and-stick carpet tiles.

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