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picture windowsPicture windows are one of the more palatial options since they will open up your home and bring in lots of natural light. But what is a picture window? Well, it’s a large fixed window that’s designed to offer an unobstructed view. It literally acts as a frame for a picture of outdoor scenery.

Typically, picture windows don’t open, and they can be used along with others that do. For example, pairing casement windows on each side of a picture window will give a fabulous framed look, while still allowing good ventilation. A combination like this provides beauty and functionality in one neat package.

Like any other window, it’s best to choose a picture window with Low-E (low emissivity) glass for energy efficiency. Low solar gain glazing is a practical choice for warm climates, while high solar gain glazing will perform better in cold climates. And in terms of cladding, vinyl tends to be the most durable, regardless of where you live.

Homeowners choose picture windows to allow in the maximum amount of light. However, there are times when you’ll want to preserve your privacy. So for a very large picture window, a good idea is to mount a vertical blind outside the frame which can be drawn back onto the wall. As a finishing touch, add an attractive valance that matches your home’s décor.

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