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The advantages of getting a garden window abound. Much like 3-dimensional bay windows, a garden window simply adds a couple of features to this same design: a fourth pane of glass at the top, and window openings to the sides for a bit of a cross-breeze if you want one.

What Are the Advantages of Getting Garden Windows?

If you’re looking to add windows, but also want to add energy efficiency and increased space to decorate – those are two more reasons why a garden window would be advantageous for you and your home. Garden windows are thick-paned windows and create a space about 1.5 feet deep. Garden windows provide a lovely space to put your plants or herb garden (if the sun is not too direct at that spot on your particular home) or even a great place to cool bakery items on the racks that are commonly placed within them. Typically, garden windows are chosen over bay windows for an above-the-kitchen-sink window option.

Whatever your style of window décor, garden windows are the perfect way to add a bit of square footage to your kitchen and increase enjoyment of the view to fully enjoy all of your hard work – both in the yard outside and inside of your kitchen as well.

Whether you want the ventilation of the twin-sealing side vents, the efficiency of the 1-inch insulated glass, extra durability, or simply an extra showcase in your kitchen (which could even hold a rock garden) – a garden window may be just the choice for you. This stylish option is definitely worth your consideration over a standard window, a picture window or whatever else you may have already considered.