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Vinyl Siding Maintenance: A Few Simple Do’s and Don’ts
To keep vinyl siding looking beautiful, it is well worth adhering to some simple do’s and don’ts.


Be careful where you park your bicycles, lawn mowers, etc. Unlike aluminum, which sustains permanent damage if hit with a rake handle or line drive, vinyl won’t dent, but it can break or crack when it gets brittle in cold weather. Any damaged sections should be replaced as quickly as possible.


Every year, spend a couple of hours rinsing all your vinyl siding with a hose to get rid of dirt and debris. Better still, hire a professional contracting company to power wash it. If you let dirt accumulate year after year, eventually your siding will look very ugly, and you’ll also compromise its lifespan and functionality.


Vinyl is slow to burn because it has a low melting point. However, keep your barbecue a safe distance away, and be careful with other sources of intense heat, such as patio torches.


Although vinyl siding itself is impervious to decay, if there is a leak behind it, other structural damage could occur. Therefore, be on the lookout for suspicious staining or streaking on the vinyl. These could be symptoms of hidden trouble somewhere else.

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