Unique Ways You Can Utilize Specialty Shape Windows in Your Home

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If you’re craving windows with extra flair, specialty shape windows deserve a spot on your radar! Far from the typical squares and rectangles, shapes like triangles and arches add intrigue to any room.

Unique Ways You Can Utilize Specialty Shape Windows in Your Home

Read on for inventive ways you can incorporate them to make a bold style statement in your home.

  • To Indicate Transitions Between Living Areas. Placing a large, eye-catching arched window between, say, your dining room and living room is a perfect way to differentiate the spaces while maintaining an open flow. The arch shape will draw the eye and add an elegant touch.
  • Softening the Edges of Your Window Frames. For tranquil spaces like bedrooms, try utilizing a circle or round-top window to soften the edges of your window frames. The curved shape of these specialty shape windows provides a break from boxy windows for a more relaxed, serene environment.
  • Enhancing Privacy. In bathrooms, specialty shape windows like octagon windows are ideal for enhancing privacy while still allowing light to filter in. Clustered together, they can also create a beautiful decorative accent to improve the aura of your private spaces.

Whether you prefer unique grid designs or vibrant decorative glass, specialty shape windows are guaranteed to add visual interest and a  real “wow” factor wherever they’re installed. They’re a simple way to upgrade your home’s style without a major renovation.

At G&S Contracting, Inc., we provide and install several designs of specialty shape windows, including trapezoids, octagons, circles, and more. Our team will help you determine the perfect shape and placement to achieve the look you desire. Contact us today to get started on installing your dream specialty shape windows!