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Tips for Choosing Deck Railings
Putting a new deck on your home is an exciting improvement. You can’t help but think about the cookouts, lounging with friends and family, and perhaps watching sunrises and sunsets. What you don’t think about is how dangerous the deck could be. A common tragedy with decks is when they are completed without the addition of deck railings and someone ends up too close to the edge. It may be only a foot or two of a drop, but that is enough to cause an injury.

The first tip about deck railings is to keep strength and durability in mind. It isn’t just absent deck railings that can be a problem. When people see a railing, they naturally assume they can lean on it without danger. Be sure you choose strong deck railings and a qualified installer, so everyone is safe even if they put their weight against them.

On the subject of safety, look for deck railings that won’t deteriorate and need a lot of attention to keep from being hazardous. Vinyl deck railings will hold up for years, and you won’t have to worry about wood splinters, peeling paint, or dealing with maintenance.

Going beyond safety is how your deck railings look. Again, vinyl deck railings win hands down. They come in various styles, such as colonial and modern, to give you the attractive results you desire. They are easy to care for and engineered to last for years, looking as nice later as the day they are installed.

Here at G&S Contracting, Inc., we offer quality vinyl railing with options for traditional or modern results. Choose from spindles or pickets, as well as two fastening options. We have proudly served the Lake Norman, North Carolina area for 39 years with reliable service and excellent products for improving your home. Call us today to get an estimate on any of our services.