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Bay Windows

Bay windows bring new custom designs for a modern take on a classic design.

  1. Bay windows can successfully highlight a room and draw the eye to a warm and inviting nook.  Rich colors, textures and pillows encourage long weekend cocooning.
  2. Have a beautiful view?  Bay windows open the view in all directions.  When strategically placed, bay windows frame your view in much the same way a frame can enhance a work of art.
  3. Bay windows hide storage spaces, keeping rooms clean and uncluttered.
  4. Bay windows can have simple, straightforward elements and contemporary angles, giving a minimalist harmony.
  5. Rooms can look bigger and brighter with bay windows.  Adding multiple layers of contrasting curtain textures is a popular look.
  6. Rooms with bay windows add drama and movement.  Incorporating window treatments with natural textured shapes is an on-trend element.
  7. Lean into the new colors of green window treatments for your bay windows.  Zesty lime, zingy apple, and luscious kale hues bring a sense of wellbeing and optimism to any room. 

At G&S Contracting, Inc., we offer custom bay windows in any size to give any room a gorgeous finished look.  Call us for more information.