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The Best New Trends in Home Windows
It isn’t just electronics and appliances that are enjoying regular improvements. The world of home windows is also getting plenty of attention to give you more options for your home. If you have been thinking about replacing your home windows, here are a few new trends that you should know about that may make your window selection process rather exciting.

First of all, you know those functional but frustrating window treatments? Yes, we’re talking about mini-blinds. It is great to have such versatility to open and close the slats as well as pull them up out of the way or have them partially open. However, cleaning them and keeping your pets from destroying them is a veritable nightmare. Not anymore! Home windows are now available that encase the mini-blinds between two panes of glass, so they are completely protected from dust, pets, and other dangers.

Another amazing trend is increased energy efficiency. With quality frame materials that offer strength and durability, as well as extreme insulation, your utility bills will drop considerably. Low-E glass is a special coating that reflects infrared light, which aids in energy efficiency and protects your belongings from harmful ultraviolet light, which causes fading. Additionally, some windows have a non-toxic gas between the glass panels for even more insulating benefit.

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