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no-clog guttersSince 2002, literally millions and millions of feet of Leaf Solution has been sold. The reason is simple – it’s the best gutter cover on the planet! Leaf Solution can take vast amounts of water, while still preventing even a small grain of sand from entering. Leaf Solution stands by its product for no-clog gutters with a simple guarantee…if your gutters ever clog up, your purchase price will be refunded.

The truth is there is no such thing as a gutter guard that’s 100 percent maintenance free. If someone tells you otherwise, run away fast. Gutters are a building’s defense against water damage. Leaf Solution’s job is to protect your home with no-clog gutters. Your job is easy – just remove the debris from the surface. Your gutters will never clog again!

Important! Leaf Solution should be installed by an authorized contracting company or dealer. It is vital that your no-clog gutters are in perfect working order before Leaf Solution is installed. Also, an experienced installer will know how to make certain adjustments to ensure that the product can withstand water without any overshooting.

Also remember that Leaf Solution pioneered stainless steel mesh gutter guards. Be wary of other entities that make the same claims – there are several copycats out there.

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