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New window installation really can be a hidden gem when it comes to cutting energy costs on your aging family home. This home may have been in the family for a while. Or maybe it is even a historical centerpiece in your community. You want to keep the home, but you simply can’t afford the energy costs of such an old edifice any longer. We at G&S Contracting, Inc. may have just the solution you are actually looking for in the end.

New window installation really can be a hidden gem

Wooden-framed windows can be a nuisance to maintain, but can also experience seasonal warping (causing security and energy-efficiency issues). The frames can also rot away, allowing problems with pests attracted to this decaying wood and drafty window leaks that are unwelcome as well – possibly furthering the damage you will need to repair. New window installation can save you this hassle.

There are many options to choose from, including double-hung windows, which can mimic the style you are used to in your home from your traditional wooden windows. Wood-framed windows can indeed be replaced with new wooden windows, and although this will greatly delay some of the issues you are experiencing with your older wooden windows, wooden window installation is much more costly than vinyl-framed windows. Vinyl is cheaper up front, but you may actually have to replace the windows sooner in the long-run. However, you’ll be spared the continued hassle of regularly warping wood all along in the meantime. Whatever your priorities with your new or replacement windows, call G&S Contracting, Inc., and we’ll get you the information you need to get an outlook that’s pleasing to you when it comes to your new window installation.