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Bay windows are a welcome addition to most any home. These angled windows not only make for a more visually interesting space, but they’re also great for allowing more light into a room. If your windows need replacement, starting with your bay windows is a good idea since they are usually larger and more of a focal point than your other windows. However, if you already have your bay windows upgraded, then you can move on with turning the area around your bay windows into a comfortable place to spend your time.

turning the area around your bay windows into a comfortable place

When you have bay windows in your home, they are practically begging for comfortable seating and reading areas, and that is why we start here with your bay window transformations. Make sure that your bay windows have some kind of seating in which you are able to enjoy the ample light. Whether that is a built-in bench with storage or some comfortable chairs and a table, comfortable seating is a must.

Another thing to keep in mind with bay windows is that getting curtains or blinds for these windows is slightly trickier due to the multiple angles. A designer’s touch can help with the curtains should you choose to do any, while blinds in any window can be hung relatively easily to block out or diffuse light for the right situation. 

These are just some of the ideas that we enjoy for spending time in your bay windows. To learn more about bay windows and how you can improve this space, please give us a call today here at G&S Contracting, Inc.