How a Gutter Protection System Works [infographic]

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At G&S Contracting, Inc., we offer great gutter protection solutions that help filter out debris and prevent clogs in your gutters, keeping them clean and functional. Investing in gutter protection is a great way to avoid spending hours of your free time cleaning the gutters or paying a company to come clean them for you.

How a Gutter Protection System Works

If you’re curious about how a gutter protection system works, you’re in luck! Here’s a quick breakdown of how we can help protect your gutters from getting clogged with gunk:

  • Roof Runoff: As rainwater moves down your roof, it collects debris like leaves and twigs that have fallen on the roof. Gutter protection systems serve as a checkpoint for this debris, as well as any that may fall when it’s not raining, such as during the autumn or periods of high wind.
  • Debris Filtering: Most gutter protection systems are made of screens or mesh, which block things like leaves, twigs, and other debris, preventing them from entering the gutter channel. As an added bonus, gutter protection measures also prevent pests from taking up residence in your gutters, helping reduce insect and other critter activity around your home.
  • Water Flow: The mesh cover is tight enough to keep out debris but won’t restrict the flow of water. Small perforations or openings allow water to move freely into the gutter channel but keep out anything solid.
  • SelfCleaning: Many gutter protection systems are designed to be mostly self-cleaning. If debris does settle on top of the mesh, it will typically be blown away by the wind or washed away as rainwater moves into the gutter channel below the mesh. This design keeps debris out of your gutters and also prevents buildup from accumulating on top of the gutter protection system.
  • Longevity Booster: Because gutter protection systems keep out debris and prevent clogs, they can extend the life of your gutters. Clogs weigh down the channel and can make it pull away from the roofline or crack, as well as cause rusting or mold growth, but a gutter protection system prevents these problems and their associated repair or replacement requirements.