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home improvementThe coming of winter affects a lot of areas of life for a homeowner. From changes in commuting weather to new fashions coming and going, there are a lot of change that happen with each season. As winter comes, there are many home improvement and maintenance projects that come up. One tip to keep your home well-maintained is to winterize your sunroom.

  • Prevent Drafts and Breezes — You may wish to upgrade any doors or windows that are not properly insulated. Watch to make sure you can stop cold, drafty air from entering your home. This may include caulking areas where there is a gap between window and wall. If windows are particularly old, you may want to consider replacing them with newer, double-paned versions.
  • Warm Up the Space with Textiles — Placing a thick rug on the cold floor does a lot to warm up a room for winter. You can also look for thick, warm textile window hangings to use to insulate your sunroom during long winter nights. This home improvement option is not only functional, but it is also fun to recreate the space for a winter design.
  • Consider the Design- We recommend our clients use white paint for the interior of their sunrooms. This makes the space feel bigger. In winter, this has the advantage of reflecting the snowy weather outside to make the sunroom a nice, warm area that still matches with the outdoor aesthetics. This home improvement tip will help your sunroom feel open even when you are stuck inside with cool weather.

Don’t get left out in the cold in your sunroom! Taking a few of these home improvement steps can help you have access to your sunroom year-round.