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guttters-02Winter is on its way. Have you made sure that your gutters and roof are ready for whatever Mother Nature plans to throw at them?

During spring and summer, gutters and roofs collect debris that may not be evident. However, these things can adversely affect their performance when the weather changes. Winterizing your gutters and roof is the only way to make sure that they not only perform well, but that they also protect your home.

The flashing and shingles on your roof might have deteriorated during the warm months, which can present a leaking hazard. The caulking that seals the overhang to stop water from getting under the roof may need replacing, and the leaves and branches stuck in the roof must be removed.

Merely cleaning the parts of your gutters that are visible isn’t enough to winterize them properly. The downspouts can become blocked, especially if they aren’t the curved type, creating ice dams that can damage the roof. Gutters need to be cleaned thoroughly, the pitch needs to be checked, and any leaking gutters must be repaired before the cold weather sets in.

Winter damage is deceptive because it actually starts developing over months, and it isn’t easy to detect with the naked eye. That’s why it’s a good idea to have your gutters and roof winterized by a professional contracting company.

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