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Home WindowsWhen choosing home windows, the number of options available can be staggering. By following a few simple guidelines, however, you can narrow down your options to ones that work for your home, your budget, and your needs.

The first step involves determining if your home windows need to be completely replaced or if they can be repaired. Condensation inside the windows and a rotting frame are the two main reasons why a window should be replaced. However, if your windows need repairs, keep in mind that the process can be as simple as adding counterweights and weatherproofing or as complex as replacing certain parts on the affected frame.

Throughout the entire selection process, it’s important to consider your home’s architecture. For example, diamond-shaped mullions may be stylistically appropriate in a Tudor-style home, but would look out of place in more modern construction.

The type of window and the material your home windows are made out of should also depend on the humidity and precipitation of your area, as well as the general warmth or coolness of the climate. Windows appropriate for the weather of North Carolina may not be appropriate for Idaho or New Hampshire.

As you shop for windows, remember that the two most common types of windows are double-hung windows, which open vertically from the top or bottom, and casement windows, which use a crank to open and shut. These and other types of windows can be made from wood, vinyl, fiberglass, or another composite material, and each has benefits and drawbacks in terms of versatility, maintenance, and durability. Work with your trusted installer to choose a window that’s right for you.

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