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Entry Door SystemsThe entry to your home has many jobs. It provides protection from the elements, access to your home, and is usually one of the first architectural details visitors to your home will notice. Selecting the proper door system can provide you with security, beauty, and durability, but only if you take the time and professional help to make the best possible choice for your entry door systems. Entry door systems include the frame in addition to the door itself, and some models will have lighting or other pieces of the entry added to them.

The material your door is made out of is of primary importance when selecting entry door systems. While wood is a perennially popular choice, wood is not the best choice for areas that are very exposed to the elements. Some type of overhang, shade, or other protection will help preserve the wood door and limit the amount of maintenance needed over time, as well as reducing the risk of warping.

Steel entry door systems are usually steel panels around a wood frame and foam core, and are usually primed or painted when sold. Because of steel’s durability, it is extremely popular, especially as some of these doors can be primed to look like their wooden cousins.

Fiberglass doors are similar to steel in that the fiberglass surrounds a wood and foam core. These doors can be molded to a realistic texture, or be smooth. Fiberglass doors that are stained are often indistinguishable from a wood door.

Medium density fiber is an uncommon choice for many doors, but is more environmentally friendly, as it is made from recycled wood fiber. Because these doors are engineered, there is a much greater choice of architectural styling available, and they are less prone to warping.

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