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478050949-replacement windowsYou look out of them every day, but do you really realize how much of an impact your windows have on the comfort, value and beauty of your home? If you choose vinyl for your replacement windows, you’ll help improve value and looks, while also saving on energy bills all year round.

There are 4 main reasons to choose vinyl: Low maintenance, aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency.

  1. Maintenance: Vinyl is virtually maintenance-free, outside and in, so it never needs staining or painting.
  2. Aesthetics: When the time comes to sell your home, curb appeal will be a major factor. And, while you are still living there, you can enjoy your beautiful windows.
  3. Durability: Window replacement is something you’ll only want to do once because it should last a lifetime. Studies have proven that the best material on the market today for replacement windows is vinyl. In comparison to wood, the windows don’t have contraction and expansion problems. Moreover, vinyl has higher insulation values than wood.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Drafts from doors & windows are some of the biggest drains on the energy efficiency of homes. New vinyl windows will increase energy efficiency by fixing/preventing drafts. This can save lots of dollars on your cooling and heating bills, giving you a very good reason to choose vinyl for your replacement windows.

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