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Are you wishing to make your home feel more spacious, but there isn’t much additional space available or perhaps not much in the way of funding either? One option to consider would be the addition of bay windows. Bay windows are large windows arranged in a way that adds a little bit of three-dimensional space along with an excellent view of the surrounding area. The rooms of your home will feel bigger, with a much smaller investment than renovating with full additions.

Bay windows bring life to a room

Bay windows bring life to a room by incorporating various design elements: 3-dimensional windows (in 3 panes) increase the play of the light in the room. Bay windows also add more space with depth and expand the view from the room, which makes the room feel larger automatically. Bay windows also invite the feel and colors of nature indoors.

Bay windows not only invite a breath of fresh outdoor air and cheery light indoors, but they also look great from the outside of your home. This type of window is sought after, but not terribly common, which could give your home an advantage over your neighbor’s home when it comes time to sell. As far as more elaborate window choices go, Bay windows are also a cost-effective way to accomplish these lovely effects while adding space to your home. A picture window, with two smaller windows installed at angles to the side of it is the definition of a true bay window. Other options, although more expensive, could be a three-sectional sliding door or even bow windows (more rounded than bay windows with more of a Victorian look from the assembly of 4 or 5 smaller rectangular window panes which don’t give you quite as much 3-D space in the end). Whatever you’re considering, run your ideas past us at G&S Contracting, Inc. and we’ll be happy to help you find the match that works for you for your home improvement project geared toward the idea of adding new bay windows.