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At G&S Contracting, Inc., we like to stay on top of the latest trends in home improvement. One thing that has been gaining popularity in recent years is adding a sunroom to your home. Sunrooms are a great way to expand your living space and can offer a host of other benefits that traditional room additions may not. In this article, our team at G&S Contracting, Inc. will lay out three reasons that sunrooms have become so popular so that you can decide if adding one is the right choice for your home.

Sunrooms are a great way to expand your living space

1.Enjoy the Outdoors Year-Round- One of the top reasons to add a sunroom is the desire to enjoy the outdoors in all seasons. The expansive windows allow you to soak in plenty of natural light and appreciate the view of your natural surroundings, and unlike a traditional patio, the walls and roof keep out inclement weather or other nuisances like insects. You can relax in the beauties of nature while maintaining the comfort of the indoors.

2.Additional Space for Entertaining- Another reason to add a sunroom is that they make a great space to entertain guests. If weather does not permit a backyard party, there’s no need to cancel, as sunrooms provide a perfect backup location. The easy, relaxed atmosphere can even make the sunroom the central gathering place of your next event.

3.Bring in More Light- Our final reason that sunrooms are gaining popularity is that they are a great way to bring more natural light into your home. Recent studies have shown a link between sunlight and increased vitamin D, reduced stress, and other health benefits, and it’s only natural to want to reap these benefits for you and your family. An abundance of sunlight also makes for a great workspace and can even reduce your power consumption. If you are interested in the benefits of a sunroom for your own home, give us a call at G&S Contracting, Inc., today to learn more.